Welcome to Dukani Kwetu

Dukanikwetu Company Limited, we are progressive one-stop electronics and households provider based in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania. Registered under the Companies Act, Cap 212 that governs the registration of companies in Tanzania.

Dukanikwetu offers retail and wholesale supply of Household and Electronics appliances, to individuals,companies and government institutes following all required legal procedures.

Our passion for quality products is the core of our business, this has lead us to deliver the best products through our services of large-scale distribution, installation and maintenance of electronics to diverse range of customers from huge corporations to individuals. Making modern technology and quality households more accessible to improve the standard of life.




To achieve customer satisfaction through excellence and durable products. Bring continuously new exciting innovations and price affordable products to the market. Commit to on time delivery, guaranteed technical support and long term supply of products with best market conform pricing. Supply a wide variety of products for continual growth. Grow as a company worldwide through direct sales distribution,merchandise,joined ventures and acquisition.


To be the leading organisation and a one stop source supplier of high quality, reliable and durable household and electronic goods.

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